Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gift to Myself

In 2006, I made a big ole public declaration about how much I loved my bike. It got a lot of publicity in surprising places. An old, dear friend surprised me by taking extremely high quality photographs of the whole thing. I have never felt so beautiful and loved (except for maybe my wedding to my human husband...but that was a hell of a lot more stressful).

This past summer, I realized that I'd never really celebrated these photos and that event, and I really wanted to do something nice for myself. Using some pretty decent (but not perfect) software, the same that I used to make a book of our wedding photographs for us and our families, I used the amazing pictures of me and my friends to create this. Yes, it's something of an ego trip. Yes, it's silly. That's ok. I'm very happy with it.

Also, I think that my impulse to celebrate my survival of one of the worst winters I'd ever had in Portland with the friends that pulled me through, with a super bad-ass party (that ended with an insane bike ride through town to sing karaoke in the best man's living room at 4 am), was a pretty good idea.


  1. Careful. You might end up on nycbikesnob!

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